Girls are not the Problem,
They are the Solution

“Women aren’t the problem but the solution.

The plight of girls is no more a tragedy than an opportunity.”

— Half the Sky

Through no fault of their own, millions of girls around the world are lacking access to basic education.
However, there are things we can do to turn this around and allow girls, and consequently nations, to reach their full potential.

When trying to expand education for girls,
it’s important to eliminate the barriers that may stand in their way, including:


Many girls do not have feminine hygiene products and regularly end up missing up to a week of school due to menstruation. This leads to falling grades and frustration, which causes many girls to drop out of school entirely.

Solution: Provide reusable feminine hygiene products to keep girls in school and learning.

Lack of Funds

Girls whose families can’t afford school fees tend to miss out on an education. Also, families with limited funds often choose to send their sons to school instead of their daughters.

Solution: Invest in girls by providing scholarships specifically for girls’ education.

Book Famine

Many rural and poor communities across the globe don’t have access to books, libraries, and other resource centers. This can prevent them from getting the materials they need to start or complete their education.

Solution: Equip schools with libraries and fill them with needed books in appropriate languages.

The answers to eliminating these barriers aren’t complicated, but they require commitment and organization from the worldwide community. Even remedying these seemingly minor obstacles can help transform what was once a problem into an opportunity for girls to have a better education and a greater life.