Our Mission

Lighting the Way is a youth run campaign of A.R.A.H.A., that works to make education more accessible for East African youth—especially for girls.

Girls in class

When school is a normal part of your everyday life, it can often seem as nuisance or a hassle.

Now just for a minute imagine, that this isn’t the case. Imagine that you could not attend school because you could not afford the school fees, or perhaps you spend most of your day fetching water, or maybe because simply you are a girl.

For the 58 million children out of school, the majority of whom are girls, this is their reality.

But it doesn’t have to be that.

We are a group of students who simply believe the power education has in transcending poverty, and more specifically the power of educating a girl. Because when you educate a girl, she will change her world.

Join us in making education more accessible for girls in the Horn of Africa.

Girls with backpacks
ARAHA Building
ARAHA Group of people.
ARAHA Buildings
Girls near bookshelf
ARAHA classroom

The views expressed by LTW do not necessarily express the views of ARAHA.